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Março 02 2011

-Onde estás?

-Neste momento sou Nisence.

-Que horas são?

-São trinta para as quatro.

-Medes o tempo para o futuro.

-É no futuro que me encontro, que me perco, que sinto, que me projecto...

-Projeta-te em mim que sou teu!


Publicado por Larissa às 15:42

Interesting. Can't help but think of a few things...

Some people look mainly at the future, their actions determined by what they want to accomplish, by their dreams, their hopes. Others carry the weight and the lightness of their past right at their sleeve; that past has a strong hand on their present actions.

Perhaps people in the former group believe much more in their power to shape the future than those in the latter group, the "history recorders", incessantly looking towards the past to decipher the present.

Both types are needed in this world and I like to think that an overall balance is achieved (at an individual level I wonder what the percentage of people who manage to fairly balance the weight of past and future in their present is.)

It would be interesting to conduct some sort of empirical work about this with little things such as the way people tell the time when they look at a watch, how they relate to where they are physically (as in what you wrote), whether they emphasize what they want to become or what they have been, whether they see themselves more as children of someone or parents or potential parents of someone, etc, etc.

And are there any relevant patterns connecting these stances to choices of study fields and/or professional careers? To know that would allow us to understand how each group actually shapes the future. Maybe that could be integrated into those tests students undergo at a certain point of their lives (career orienting ones), although inductions of that nature may be abusive, particularly at an individual level.

Well, I wrote quite a bit here. I do like writing but “time is of the essence”. More importantly, I certainly do not want to overcrowd your space. Good writing!
Peter Townsend a 9 de Março de 2011 às 13:31

Hello there! Just checking up on you and your blog. You've been rather silent. It is not easy to constantly nurture a blog and lead a productive life in other spheres. I am guessing you've either been too busy with other things or too unmotivated for working on your blog...
Peter Townsend a 28 de Março de 2011 às 15:11

Hello Lara. Stopped by to see whether there was anything new or not and to be honest with you, your complete silence makes me feel a tad apprehensive, almost uncomfortable. I see you have abandoned your blog for months on end before but still...

I just hope you are alright. I also hope I have not overwhelmed you with my comments in a foreign language and all. This is a public communication space but I'll leave my email here anyway.

Take care,

Peter a 2 de Maio de 2011 às 15:28

Dear Peter.
I stopped by to get inspired to write anything... when I saw your comment.
At the present I'm really not inspired.
I'll explain it to you.
I'm doing a thesis which takes me a lot of my time, apart from other things that I have to do... besides this I have to work... which I love by the way. lolololol
I must confess that I’ve had finished this blog a year before, but sometimes I miss the writing, just to think and write...
But i promise something in the future.
Thank you for "activating" my "ego".
But this made me curious... what about you? Don’t you write?
Please tell me.
:D see you soon.
Larissa a 3 de Maio de 2011 às 18:48

Good to hear from you, Lara. You had me worried there for a while. Silences leave too much room for speculation.

So, you're writing a thesis. That is a demanding challenge but a very rewarding one as well, when you feel you're doing progress. You do not settle for a "comfort zone", do you? I wish you good work on that and on everything else you've got going.

The idea of "activating your ego" made me smile. Yes, I suppose I did just that by commenting and displaying interest in your blog's content. I'll tell you sometime how it triggered my interest.

Do I write? Some bits and pieces. But I really have very little time available and being able to do it ends up being a matter of conjugating discipline, organization and inspiration. Easy, right? Still I am definitely much more a reader than I am a writer (although it may be said that reading often triggers a written response in me.)

The idea of commenting on a couple of blogs is quite recent. Blogs are a huge phenomena and I am interested in people's motivations for keeping them and investing more or less in them as I suspect it has to do with a lot more than enjoying writing or having available time for it or not. It also does not seem to have anything to do with feeling one masters writing. Such mastering may or may not be present and more often than not, it isn't....and no one feels constricted by that. In fact, it seems like the ultimate democratization of writing brought on by personal computers and the web.

You wrote that you like to think and write that you miss doing that. I hear you but we both know you do not need a blog for that. Why associate the blog with that activity, then? To be sure, a text only comes alive whenever it is read, when it finds a recipient, when it generates some form of exchange. And the idea of sharing one's thoughts and writings certainly is inherent to blogs. But how is it potentially more rewarding than having a once a month encounter in which you and friends or new people you get to know along the way share such things? Is it that no matter whom in the world is a potential viewer (even if the language used always restricts this number)? Are people driven by the will to experiment with the interest and approval/disapproval they generate in a much larger group, a group that may easily include people they do not know in any way? In what proportion do the "number of views"/ amount of feedback/ quality of feedback matter here?

You are writing a thesis. A job well done presupposes an inquisitive mind. I'm certain you have given some thought to both starting and ending your blog, how it went, etc. I'd love to hear you on that but meaningful exchange may be hard over a blog. What you could easily say in a "esplanada" over a coffee, takes many lines in writing. Time, that is. Some nuances are lost, others introduced...

Be sure to give me a signal when you post something. As you know, when you respond to my comments I receive an email...But not when you post something new. So say something, unless you really want me to come here often and boost your number of views, just for the sake of it. ;-) After all, who's to say when a blog is definitely over?

Again, I wish you good work.

Peter Townsend a 5 de Maio de 2011 às 14:28

O modo como eu vejo o mundo... Tão condicionado como o de qualquer outra pessoa.
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